Brother DCP 7010/7020/7025, Тонер бутилка 1000 гр.,Static, Brother универсален, TRBUNIVHD-1KG

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Предлага: Арбикас Телефон: 02 / 971 21 61, 873 11 79, 870 16 08
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TRBUNIVHD-1KG Static Control Components - фабрично бутилиран тонер. High Density.

Product Information

This new Brother high density universal toner produces high quality
prints across a broad range of printers. It delivers solid
print performance without the flaws commonly seen with other Brother toners.

Universal high density toner for these Brother® cartridges: TN-350,
TN-2000, TN-2025, TN-2050, TN-25J, TN-360, TN-2120, TN-2125, TN-2150, TN-2175
TN-26J, TN-580, TN-3185, TN-37J, TN-650, TN-3280, TN-3290 & TN-48J.

Reduce your bottled toner purchases, save inventory space, reduce waste in our landfills
and lower your per cartridge toner costs by ordering Static
Control’s high density Brother® universal toner in 1kg bottles.

Предлага се в разфасовки по 500 гр (бутилиран от Арбикас) и 1000 гр (фабрично бутилиран)

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Цена: 57,60 лв.

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